Take Your Time



Presentation is often thought as a basic and important skill in every workplace as well as graduate school. But if you present academic idea in your school, you may want to change your style a little bit. At first, you don't need to rush in the lecture room. When you are working, company always needs you speed. Your boss calls for a quick review of the market environment instead of a pile of documents which starts with literature review and end with ambiguous conclusion, he needs a piece of paper supports his decision or at least makes him feel better. In contrast, your professor will require justification, either theoretically or empirically oftenly both, for your every claim in your presentation. If you have concern about your theory, data, calculation etc., just do research more. Another thing to notice when you stand front of classmates is the importance of clear discussion. To make it clear, you need to clarify every single definition you use for the first. The technical terms are sometimes confusing; they give familiar words special meaning or different researchers might use it differently. Secondly, you need to develop the discussion neatly and carefully. Modern science is extremely complex. No one understands your idea without your gentle guidance except the audience is your co-author or advisers. Make it simple and proceed slowly. Avoid messy mathematical expression; they read your paper later if you do a good job in presenting otherwise they start to check phone pretending to listen to you and forgot everything when you say thank you. Remind your basic topic sometimes in your lecture. I don't know any presentation which every audience follow the speaker. The biggest question of the audience is "what are you talking about?". You will run up your time, but if your purpose is not making them asleep, just take time for their understandings. That's all dude. Have a great presentation.