Take Your Time



  • Personal Essay(Essay) should include three parts: your past, your future and how you fit in the grad school that you will apply.
  • In the part of your past, you should state your experiences in detail. Note that you need not mention your weak points. If you write your weak points, you should show how you fix it by studying in the school. You may use your unique experience to appeal to university. Working in Japan is one of good points that you can appeal.
  • In the part of your future, you should show your goals including short-run and long-run goals and a vision. Note that you should write these things specifically.
  • In the part of the reason why you apply the school, you should write details about the faculty member, unique programs etc which made you to apply the school. This part should be consistent with other parts in your essay. Your past and goals should have relation with the reason you decide to go to the school. Don't write generally. Be specific.
  • One of fatal errors or serious mistakes is not to answer the questions. You should try answering the question casted by the school. Grammatical error is also fatal because you have enough time to polish your Essay unlike AWA section of GMAT or GRE.
  • Another thing you consider about your essay is the length. About 400-500 words is good. Too long is not good. Additionally, your essay should be consistent with other documents including reference letters and resume.